GNSS infrastructure

Participation and contribution to the deployment of the GNSS Ground Infrastructure.

  • Spaceopal: Galileo WP 6 (Operations) – Level 1 Maintenance and ILS support for Galileo Remote Sites. -> NEW !!! Galileo GSOP Remote Sites Management and Operations.
  • Thales DE: Galileo WP 2 (Galileo Mission Segment - GMS) – Deployment of the Galileo GMS and Associated network Interfaces.
  • ESA ESTEC: Development of the Galileo Sensor Station (GSS) Infrastructure at Redu.
  • SES-TechCom: Galileo WP 6 (Operations) – Site Preparation and Deployment of Galileo Ground Data Dissemination Network (GDDN).
  • Telespazio: Galileo WP 6 (Operations) – Provision of operational services at Fucino (GCC Technician, ILS Expert, Mission Controller shift).
  • GSA: -> Frame Contract for EGNOS V3 Site Surveys