2020 EFC2 Best in Domain - ESA Award

13 October 2021

Telespazio Belgium as formerly Vitrociset Belgium is proud to announce that we have been awarded by the European Space Agency - ESA Best in 7 domains :

  • Business Process and Cost Engineering - Manpower Assignment Scheme
  • Engineering Support to Human Space Flight and Exploration - Manpower Assignment Scheme & Service
  • Medical Support to Astronauts - Service
  • Scientific support to Human Space Flight and Exploration - Service
  • Training Support - Service
  • Software and Control Systems - Service
  • Systems, Technology and Concurrent Engineering - Manpower Assignment Scheme

This is a result that we could reached only with a hard teamwork, and a great support from all our staff and consortium partners. We also take the occasion to thank our employees, colleagues and management who contributed to this achievement.