Key projects

  • AnREO

    AnREO : Retrieval of total ozone using OLCI/S-3 over Antarctica

    The goal of the project is to retrieve total ozone column (TOC) using Ocean and Land Colour Imager (OLCI) measurements over Antarctica an

  • H-GEAR

    The H-Gear project aims at developing an eCall and anti-theft system based on new Galileo authenticated services for small and medium motorcycles

    The H-Gear project is developing an eCall and Anti-theft system based on Galileo for small and medium motorcycles.

  • CyTEF

    Cyber Security Test and Evaluation Facility.The goal of the project is to build a proof-of-concept towards the realization of a drone’s security qualification and certification centre for specific types of drones and specific applications.

    With the growing spread in the use of UAVs for civil and military applications and the increasing availability in the market of low-cost

  • Profumo

    Profumo proposes innovative weather-based services for the navigation with the aim of granting fuel saving, pollution reduction and improving safety for passengers, crew, cargo and ships’ structures.

    Profumo introduces a new collaborative model where end-users cooperate with to the Profumo services by providing their own geo-referenced


    The MMFU SCOE is a complex mix of hardware and software components aimed to perform both the electrical and software integration, and the functional testing of a satellite Mass Memory and Formatting Unit (MMFU).

    House-Keeping and science telemetry data from the satellite are recorded in the MMFU to be transmitted to ground via X Band, and Ka Band


    Satellite assets integration for marine protected areas

    Sympa: “All-around solution for the sustainable monitoring and control of Marine protected Areas”.


    Design & installation of a LEOP (Launch and Early Orbit Phase) tracking ground station in Malindi

    For the launch of LISA Pathfinder (LPF), the injection strategy imposed by the Vega launcher requires an independent tracking terminal fo

  • Mobile Ground stations

    Stations are the link between network operations centers (NOC) and the remote objects to be in communication with. Those solutions offer flexibility, scalability, Easy to maintain features and fast deployability

    Thank to his vast and recognized experience, the use of latest technologies in the field of RF communications, and his know-how as System