Proof of Concept

The H-Gear project aims at developing an eCall and anti-theft system based on new Galileo Authenticated Services for small and medium motorcycles.

The system is composed by a device fully integrated in the motorcycle, a software suite for the monitoring and control of the eCall and Anti-Theft services and a user mobile application for the interaction with the driver.

The Galileo navigation system offers the performance in terms of accuracy reliability, fast acquisition and tracking, continuity of the service for a safe of live application like the eCall.
The integration on the vehicle constitutes a challenge for the device due to the stressed environment, the vibrations, heating of the motor, and especially for the battery performance.
The antenna, in addition is called to work in any position of the motorbike to be capable to send position especially in case of accident.
The integration of the services in a Mobile application increases the safety of the system and provides a user-friendly interface.

H-Gear target market is a growing one: in the last years, more and more adults are leaving the car and are choosing the motorcycles as mean for transfer in our congested cities. This target user is looking forward for a system which could increase the safety of his travel.

The other aspect of increase of demand of Anti-Theft service for motorcycles is the proliferation of number of burglaries, therefore the H-Gear can respond with a robust tracing and spoofing resilient system exploiting the authentication (OS-NMA) of the Galileo System. The participation of Honda Italy into the project grants the interest of the producer into the H-Gear services.

Telespazio Belgium is the coordinator of the project and responsible for the software suite which is composed by a Service Center, which provides the ECall and Anti-Theft Services and the mobile application which manages directly the H-Gear device installed on the motorbike.