SA4D - Space Acting for Decarbonization : Experts united to think about Space and Decarbonization

Transinne, BE  24 February 2023

What role can the space industry play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions?This is THE question that Telespazio Belgium will try to answer for the European Space Agency which mandated it for this important project. In this context, an international workshop was organized.

Telespazio Belgium gathered experts, academics, companies, and even politicians at a workshop that took place on 17 and 18 April 2023 at the Euro Space Center in Transinne. After presenting the project and the urgent need to involve space in decarbonization efforts as a key player for terrestrial activities, these same people sat down the next day to brainstorm and put together the crucial information that Telespazio Belgium needs to create the roadmap.
By bringing these actors together, Telespazio Belgium has also made the project come alive for them. Now it's time to put theory into action. Under the leadership of its project manager, Filippo Iodice, the Space Acting For Decarbonization (SA4D) project has now entered its concrete phase, for which multiple actors will contribute their valuable experience.

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