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Belgium - the Redu-Transinne cluster – cutting-edge businesses and excellent quality of life

The Redu-Transinne cluster, based in the municipality of Libin, has the unusual feature of providing a home in a delightful natural environment for cutting-edge companies specialising in space, as well as being close to attractive urban, cultural and tourist hubs.

In Libin, there’s no such thing as a stressful rush hour. Easy to get to, less than 40 minutes from Namur and Arlon, it’s a fantastic place to work. With little traffic and a short commute, whether you live in town or have chosen to get away from all that pollution and sky-high rents.

Redu-Transinne is the perfect starting point in a region that’s packed with tourist and cultural attractions, trail or mountain biking routes, sports centres, renowned drama and music festivals that attract big names from around the world, natural landscapes to explore, plus lots of local food and drink to enjoy.


The Netherlands – the country of tulips and mills

The Netherlands consistently ranks among the top places in the world to live and work, with it being famous for its liberal social policies, maritime trading traditions, hold, robust multiculturalism and leading technological communications!

The Netherlands is also famous for bikes, one the most popular forms of transport. Take the opportunity to enjoy the freedom to bike to work, to meet up your friends and gain the benefits to your health!

One of the greatest traits of The Netherlands is the balance between private and professional life. Enjoy your free time with sport and biking into the beautiful nature!


Toulouse – France

The city of Toulouse can guarantee a pleasant lifestyle, thanks to its facilities and services, the Mediterranean climate, the beautiful landscape of the Pyrenees and the wide range of cultural activities.

The economy of Toulouse is driven by the city’s collection of aerospace and aviation companies, most of which can be found in an area known as Aerospace Valley. Located on the outskirts of Toulouse, Aerospace Valley is home to a host of aerospace companies and research facilities, including Airbus, Air France Industries and Dassault Aviation.

Telespazio Belgium has an office in Labège and staff working in CNES, Airbus facilities.


Prague – Czech Republic

Prague, with over one million inhabitants, is known as the City of a Hundred Spires or the Golden City, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Living in Prague is like immersing yourself in a fairytale land with its cobbled streets and its infinite number of beautiful towers and charming buildings. What’s more, you’ll be able to discover the city’s boutiques – all exquisitely decorated – and try some of the Czech Republic’s cuisine. Prague’s authentic Medieval atmosphere will captivate its visitors, making it impossible to forget their visit to the Czech Republic’s capital.