Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics describes the commitments and the ethical responsibilities regarding both the business management and the Company activities undertaken by anyone carrying out transactions of any nature whatsoever with TELESPAZIO Belgium SRL.


The Anti-corruption Code of Leonardo S.p.A. has been adopted by Telespazio Belgium Board of Directors and published on our portal. Leonardo's Anti-Corruption Code represents an organic and coherent system of rules inspired by principles of integrity and transparency, aimed at combating the risks of illegal practices in the conduct of business and corporate activities. Approved by Leonardo's Board of Directors at the meeting of April 21, 2015, it was lastly updated on April 7, 2022. The Code completes the strengthening of the internal control measures required by Leonardo's Board of Directors, in compliance with the reference regulations and in line with the highest international best practices in the sector, and the initiatives taken in the field of anti-corruption.

Charter of Values

Leonardo promotes and implements a corporate culture inspired by responsibility, fairness and ethics in carrying out its daily activities, paying the utmost attention to the professional conduct of its directors, employees, partners, suppliers and of all those who operate for the company.

General conditions for the purchase of goods and services

The General Purchase Conditions set out in this document apply to
Orders issued and/or to Purchase Agreements entered into by the Principal relating to
the sale/supply of Goods and/or Services by the Supplier. The following provisions also
apply to offers, where offers are concerned.