Founded in 1982 under the name of Ciset, the company began its business with technical know-how and expertise consolidation and strongly invests in Wallonie 7 years after, in 1989, in satellite-oriented technology and services.

Under the name of Ciset International – in the beginning 2000 – the company created permanent structures focused on industrial objectives with significant investments at Redu. While becoming Vitrociset Belgium, the company made considerable investments in know-how transfer: Egnos vs Galileo infrastructure, GNSS added value and Ground data Software. The role in the Galileo Project was then considerable.

In 2016, Vitrociset became the prime contractor in the new ESOC frame contract and won multiple awards in the domains where the company has activities. In 2019, Vitrociset became a Leonardo company.

In March 2021, Vitrociset Belgium became Telespazio Belgium as a result of the joint venture between Leonardo and Thalès. Its integration in 60 years experienced and large company drives the ambitions of Telespazio Belgium to greater success and evolution.