2020 EFC2 Best in Domain – ESA Award

13 October 2021

Telespazio Belgium as formerly Vitrociset Belgium is proud to announce that we have been awarded by the European Space Agency (ESA) best in 7 domains:

  • Business Process and Cost Engineering – Manpower Assignment Scheme
  • Engineering Support to Human Space Flight and Exploration – Manpower Assignment Scheme & Service
  • Medical Support to Astronauts – Service
  • Scientific support to Human Space Flight and Exploration – Service
  • Training Support – Service
  • Software and Control Systems – Service
  • Systems, Technology and Concurrent Engineering – Manpower Assignment Scheme

This is a result that we could have reached only with hard teamwork, and great support from all our staff and consortium partners. We also take the occasion to thank our employees, colleagues and management who contributed to this achievement.